guess who tried to come for dinner?

and here is the picture to prove it.

jamil was heading into the kitchen to help me make dinner last night. when i heard him say, "don't freak out, but you have to see this." i seriously did not know what to expect. i walked over to see what he saw peeking in our sliding glass door... aaaaaahhhhhhh....yup i did what most girly girls would do, i screamed!!!!

yes, there was a huge (probably 3 foot!) black snake right at the glass door. sitting right there, where my kids go in and out just about every day. right at the same door that they go in and out of and rarely remember to close.

i shuddered at that thought, what if they hadn't of closed the door all they way and that creepy snake made it's way inside our house.

we called the kids over to see the snake and we watched him slither passed our second sliding glass door and down the porch into the yard.

what an up close science lesson!! way too close for my comfort.


Susan said...

WAY TOO CLOSE!!! I wish there was some way to barricade them into the far, far woods where I never go and would never have to worry about them. The other day the girls came running into the house because a "snake fell out of the tree", sure enough a teeny, tiny green snake was in the grass....YUCK!!!! I do not like snakes!

Erin said...

AAAAAHHHHHHH I would have died and I would have made my husband kill it ebcause I would not have slept that night or any night until it was dead. I hate snakes and spiders. Oh ick how nasty. Hopefully not a poisonous one!

Atleast you got pictures to remember it ha ha!

Stephanie said...

So would have been screaming!

Terri said...

Yikes!!! We stepped right over an even longer black snake this summer up off the Blue Ridge Parkway. My 6-year old says, "Oh, a snake." My 10yo daughter screamed to high heaven and jumped from about 10 feet away into my arms!!! Needless to say, that hike was cut short. Blessings!

CarolinaGirl said...

Oh my gosh!!! I would have died! What a good man to start out with the words,"don't freak out"! I would have passed out! My skin is crawling now!