eleven months old...

on sunday, my sweet baby girl turned 11 months old!
i can't believe her first birthday is one month away.
where has this past year gone?
it feels like yesterday that i was anxiously awaiting her birth,
and here we are about to celebrate her big day!

jaelyn is an absolute blessing and such a joy!
i just can't get enough of this baby girl!!


Melanie said...

She is absolutely precious! The time does fly too quickly! These are beautiful photos & what a gorgeous setting!
Oh, I'm loving the CD, THANK YOU!!

Erin said...

Look at how big she is getting :) I got part of the blog swap stuff today.. I think I am behind ha ha!

Anonymous said...

i can not believe sweet jealyn is almost 1!!! it doesnt seem long ago that i would watch her at church as a little 3 week old :) she is still as sweet as ever though!!