super sized 'happy birthday to me' post!

gosh, i don't know where the past week has gone, but it has certainly flown by! i am going to recap the events from this past weekend in one post today!

as i have said before, i like to celebrate birthdays over several days. mine included! so this past weekend was my "birthday weekend!" we had lots of family time and i got some "me" time too.
jamil was off on thursday and friday. he had taken off for me to go to the beach, and kept the days off even though i did not go. he. is. the. man!

on thursday, jordyn and i went shopping for new ballet and tap shoes! i think this is one of the perks of being a girly mommy to a girly girl!!! don't you?

and i am so excited that she will be taking dance again at masterpiece studios. (jordyn is on the home page of their website - check it out) we LOVE this studio, truly God centered and ms. jackie is such a gifted teacher! jordyn had her first class on friday morning. i was all prepared with my camera to take a picture of her and never got one by herself. and this isn't even a great one. oh well!

on friday afternoon, i had a relaxing time getting my hair done! i should have taken a before and after picture but i didn't. it is a lot shorter, but i love it. you can catch a glimpse in some of the other pictures on this post. although you can't see the back, where it is the shortest!

that evening, jamil and i continued celebrating with a much needed long overdue date night. we had dinner at the olive garden and then got some yummy krispy kreme donuts to take home. perfect saturday morning breakfast!!!

joshua plays soccer at the ymca. his team {the blackhawks} had their first game on saturday morning. he did a great job playing! and had a ton of fun! he amazes us with his athletic abilities.

after josh's soccer game, we took a picnic lunch to the park. and had some playtime! the weather down here has been beautiful and perfect for the outdoors!!

on saturday night, we went to church and heard pastor preach the fourth and final sermon in the series give. me. faith. it was awesome. the whole series has been so encouraging and i have gotten so much out of it! you can check it out here! here is a picture of jaelyn after church that night!

on sunday, my actual birthday, my sister took me out for lunch to sushi 101, then we went shopping and we just had to make a stop at rita's before heading home! yummy!!! that evening, my mom made a homemade italian meal, raviolis and meatballs.

of course, the night wouldn't be complete without yummy birthday cake!

after we ate, josh sang a birthday song that he wrote for me and played his guitar. it was so stinkin' sweet and i was surprised!! i was super impressed with his creativity and musical ability.

here is the birthday momma and her little buddy!!!

oh, and i got spoiled with presents too, here is one of them:

now this present takes the cake!
it was my sister's idea, she has fabulous taste, don't you think?
i still can't believe i own this purse!
it is way out of my element ~ but i LOVE it !!

i would have to say that it was a great birthday weekend, filled with lots of great memories! i have felt totally blessed by the time with my family and being truly celebrated with lots of birthday emails, texts and phone calls from lots of wonderful friends!!!


The Aspenberg Family said...

Dawn! I'm so glad you had a great birthday weekend!! Your hair looks great and it seems like your family helped make it really special!! I love that your daughter takes dance, My Mady takes dance too her 3rd year and is so excited to start again on Thursday! I love that your dance studio is Christian! The owner of our dance studio are christian, they go to our church, but I LOVE that yours has a bible verse on the wall!! SO COOL! Love your new bag too!!! Happy Birthday Again!!

Terri said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Your hair looks adorable. And you look sooooo happy! Blessings!

Susan said...

Glad you had a great birthday weekend! (I love celebrating my birthday over a few days).

Love your new purse! Be careful though....once you go COACH, nothing else will do....trust me on this one! I got one for Mother's Day '08 and got another one for Mother's Day '09...(my '09 purse was deeply discounted at an outlet store in Florida, so I was able to get a wallet too)...Anyway, enjoy it. It's so cute!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Dawn! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend celebrating! I love your new hair-cut, it looks GREAT! Blessings on you & your sweet family!

Celia Jimenez said...

Wow! I want to do birthdays at your house next year!!! You definitely got spoiled...but you deserved it, I'm sure! :-)

4torock said...

Sounds like a great bday weekend!! and I LUVVVVv the purse!:) Happy Birthday to such a great momma!:)