baby jaelyn is ONE!

today is the big day!!
it is my baby girl's first birthday!!!!

isn't she such a beautiful baby??

i can't get over how fast the year has gone!
i think back to the day she was born and remember how tiny she was.

i am amazed at how much she has grown this past year.
the day she was born was such a special day.
i hold the memories of that day so close to my heart!

jaelyn has been such a wonderful baby! she is so so sweet! her smile lights up the room and simply melts my heart.

jaelyn has brought so much joy to my life and to our family! i couldn't imagine her not being a part of either. her brothers and her sister adore her. they just love her to pieces. and she really does have her daddy wrapped around her finger. she is the first of our four babies that i have watched jamil just melt and love being a father to a baby. the older kids are more "his thing" although he has always been completely involved in their care as babies, he just prefers them a little older. but with jaelyn he has really embraced taking care of her and enjoying her.

as for me, i am a baby lover! i love having a baby on my hip, or in my sling. there is something special and unique about each of my babies. with jaelyn she has really helped me to slow down and enjoy life. i have cherished every single second of her. she melts my heart and i love being with her. i am so honored to have been chosen to be her mommy!

happy birthday sweet baby girl!
you are so loved and bring so much joy to us!
i praise God for giving us such a amazing gift!
you are such a blessing and an answer to my prayers.
i have enjoyed every single moment with you of this past year
and look forward to watching you grow and change
and become the little girl God has created you to be.

"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him."
1samuel 1:27

you can go here to jaelyn's blog to see pictures and posts of her from birth to one!
you can go here to read her birth story!
and later this week i will be posting pictures from her party!!!


4torock said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!! she is tooo cute Dawn!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Jaelyn! Can't believe it's been a year already. But then again, I can't believe my baby is almost 4.

Erin said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! I hope your day was wonderful!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl! She is so precious & I know this is a special day for both of you! Hope you have lots of fun celebrating!!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!!!!! I know you had a great time celebrating your little blessing!!!!