how can he be...

...nine years old?

today our oldest child is celebrating a birthday!

i can't believe he is nine years old today!

we are so proud to be your parents.
you are an amazing kid!
you are smart, funny, energetic, athletic and friendly!
God has given you gifts that are going to take you so far in life!
you have such an amazing potential and
we pray for you to become a strong man of God!
you are already on your way!
we love you and celebrate you today!!

mom and dad

**i can't believe that i have never shared josh's birth story ~ so i will do that very soon!

until then, you can go here and here for past birthdays we celebrated on my blog! **


Susan said...

Happy Birthday Josh! Hope you have had a great day!

Robinsonfam said...

Happy Birthday Joshua! What a handsome young man he is becoming. Hope all is going well with your family.

Erin said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Hope he has a great day!

Terri said...

Welcome back! And Happy Birthday to Joshua. What a handsome young man!! Isn't it amazing to watch them grow up??? I love it!! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Happy 9th Birthday Josh!! Hope he had an amazing day!! Cant believe he is already 9! :]


Christy said...

happy birthday young man! Wow I can't believe how big you are getting... hope you had such a great day with you famiy!