pumpkin patch...

on sunday afternoon we took a little trip to riverbend farms.
what a fun little outing to do with the family.

little pilgrims!

it has been years since we have been there.
we took josh when he was one year old. and haven't been back since.
i am so glad we went back! we will definitely go again.

while we were waiting to take the wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch,
we took a little tour around the farm.

while we were walking around,
we ran into two families that we know from church! so fun!
we rode the wagon with one of those sweet families.

this is little hannah, jaelyn loves her!
with her mom, rachael and dad, kenny
rachael and kenny are in our small group!

when we got to the pumpkin patch i gave the kids one rule.
they had to pick a pumpkin that they could carry.

there is no way jamil and i could carry their pumpkins
along with the baby and the diaper bag.

jordyn with her prize pumpkin!

look at my baby girl's face,
for some reason she was terrified to be put next to her pumpkin!!
i can only imagine how she is going to react to sitting on santa's lap this year!

after we got our pumpkins the kids had a fun time playing on the playground.

what a great family day!!!


Susan said...

Looks like alot of fun! We've not been to the pumpkin patch this year. Not sure if we are going to make it or not....

Tell Jamil I love his Pinwheel Pink diaper bag...lol...Real men aren't afraid to carry a pink diaper bag!!!!

Erin said...

Looks like a great family day!! Great pictures and looks like a lot of fun!

Terri said...

So cute! I love your little pumpkins, I mean Pilgrims!! I like your "pick one you can carry" rule. I have a friend who came home with a 120 lb pumpkin! Blessings!