killing my sin...

i love sundays.
i love my church.
and i love my pastor (and his wife)!

yesterday, was no different! pastor steven delivered a powerful message! each and every week i could (and should) write a post about what i have taken away from the amazing worship experience at elevation church. you can read a weekly commentary from holly furtick, pastor steven's wife.

pastor preached the third sermon in the series called "kill switch". pastor furtick preached from colossians 3:1-6. pastor talked about killing the sin in your life before the sin kills you. wow. what a touchy feeling message, huh? um, no, not really, but that is what i love about my pastor, he is not afraid to deliver a message of truth and one straight from the word!

here are a few points that i took away from the sermon. first, everyone has sin in their life, if you think you don't - pray about it, God will show you. i have prayed that for myself. because, i don't ever want to be complacent and think that i have it all together and live a sin free life.

once we identify the sin that we want to change we have to make a daily decision to set our hearts and our minds on the things above to get rid of the sin. we have to mortify not moderate our sin. just like a weed we have to kill it at the root! we have to completely destroy the things in our life that God hates, if you don't those things will destroy us.

God has shown me some sinful areas in my life that i want to mortify, destroy and kill at the root.

as a mom of four children, i do not have the patience i would like to have sometimes, ok most of the time. when i get overwhelmed, i can get angry at my kids very quickly and i raise my voice way too much. sometimes i have an issue with controlling my tongue, i speak way too harshly to them. i have gotten in a bad habit of not having as much self control as i would like. i have been working really hard to change this behavior. it seems the harder i work the more ill behaved my kids become. and i realize that is the enemy trying to get to me, he knows what buttons he can push so that i will fall hard into my sinful nature.

i will kill this anger and sinful behavior at its root. i will destroy it and mortify it. i will not let this sin destroy me.

when i start to get upset or angry i just repeat this scripture to myself...

"i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" philippians 4:13

i am raised in Christ and will not let this sin bring me down.

i definitely didn't touch on all of what my pastor preached, so you can go here to listen to the sermon from yesterday. please do!


Robin said...

amen sister. :)

gina said...

You are a lovely mom! Four kids and life is a lot-I know;0 I struggle with the same things. I'm just thankful we have the Holy Spirit to help us-or I would be a lost cause for sure! Love your guts.

Terri said...

Good stuff, for sure. We just finished a 6-week study of Colossians in our Wed night class, and our Pastor is also going through Colossians on Sunday nights! Even in my Tuesday morning study of Esther this came up... gotta kill the sin! God's word is SO good! Blessings!