weekend recap...

on mondays, i usually spend the day at home catching up on things that we let go around the house over the weekend. i get in gear for the week. i plan out the week and make lists. today, i have done that, as well as the grocery shopping for the next two weeks. we were out early and back by lunch time. the little ones are napping/doing quiet time. so, i decided to sit down and write a blog post or two instead of doing other not so fun things i should be doing

we had a good and busy weekend. josh played his last soccer game on saturday. afterwards, we went to get school shoes for jordyn. i had been putting this off for awhile because her shoes cost me a fortune. jordyn has the most narrow little foot ever. and for a shoe (like a school shoe) that she will be wearing a lot, i feel like she has to have ones that fits well. a few years ago we found an awesome shoe store in our area (shoe in) that carries specialty brand shoes. the owner of the store knows us and knows how to fit jordyn's little foot. and i have learned my lesson, i will not spend a lot of time searching elsewhere and i will just go there. the shoes never end up being cheap but they always fit well and we can get a lot of wear out of them. helps to make the money worth it. jordyn wanted me to take a picture of her shoes so i did.

she is so excited about her new shoes - such a girl!!!

on sunday, we went to a pumpkin patch and had a family day! it was a fun time. i will post more pictures later this week!

that evening we went to church... online! our church does a live service online at 7:00 pm on sundays. so innovative and such a great idea. i love our church!! if you don't live near elevation or can't attend a service there is always this option!!!

after fighting it off for awhile, i got hit by a yucky cold at the end of last week. it is so not fun to be sick and to be a mom. i am so ready for it to go away already!! i am praying that this doesn't start round two of germs being spread through our family. everyone else got sick last month and i didn't get it until now, so i hope they will stay germ free!!! so far so good!!!

we have some fun fall things planned this week! we have two halloween parties to go to and the kids are super excited to dress up!! we are going to be doing some fun pumpkin stuff too!!! lots of good stuff to blog about!!! hopefully i will remember to take pictures!

this last week in october is going to be a busy one! i seriously can not believe it is going to be november next week! where in the world did october go?

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Celia Jimenez said...

Dawn...love the shoes...and her face wearing the shoes. That is so much like my daughter! So cute!