halloween @ elevation...

on thursday afternoon, the kids got to dress up for a super fun halloween party "elevation style". we headed over to the church offices for a small gathering of the elevation staff and the armor bearer team and their families. there were lots of great costumes and really really cute kiddos! there were games set up for the kids to play and they won some fun prizes. then they got to "trick or treat" throughout the staff offices. there was a costume contest & yummy snacks.

my princesses, cinderella x2

my star wars guys, clone trooper & darth vader

some games...

jordyn and her friend, addison

cinderella and a sweet little tinkerbell

my pictures just don't do justice to what the elevation volunteer team had set up for us. i wish i would have taken pictures of so many more things, including the costume contest winner! it was such a festive and fun party!

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Melanie said...

I'm just catching up on your blog a bit & had to say the kids looked adorable in their costumes! Your girls are BEAUTIFUL princesses!