change in plans...

i am home with the kids on a sunday morning which is so rare for us. i am flying solo today as i do most sundays, because jamil is at church doing his thing! jesiah woke up not feeling very good, i could tell first thing this morning that he was not himself. he barely ate breakfast and wrapped himself in a blanket. i gave him a bath in hopes that perhaps he would be ok and we could still go to church. by the time i got out of the shower he was still lying on the couch. this is the first clue that i knew we were not going to church. for jesiah to be still is not normal. usually he is bouncing off of the walls. so i took his temperature and it was over 101. and now he is sound asleep in his bed! so we are not going to share our germs today with anyone at elevation. and we had plans to get our tree this afternoon, but not sure if that will happen either.

i really don't like to miss church and i really wanted to get out of the house today. but i decided that i needed to find the positive in the change of plans instead of complain. my first instinct was to get really grumpy and throw a pity party for myself. but i canceled the party. and despite the fact that i am flying solo today, i decided to make it a good day.

i started the morning off by making a to do list of chores and such. i figured since i am home and we have a busy week coming up, i might as well get some things done. i have done a few things on the list and decided to sit down while two are sleeping, one is at grandma's house and one is busy on his nintendo ds. i thought i would do something i like to do for a little bit! one way to make the day positive! another positive is that i will be able to watch the worship experience at elevation online at 7:00 tonight! i love my church!!! i am so thankful that i will be able to still hear the message tonight!!

today, jaelyn is 14 months old. wow! i had a sweet little dress picked out for her today to wear to church. i think i will put it on her when she wakes up anyway and take some pictures for her special day!

we have had a busy weekend! on friday afternoon, our amazing babysitter, johanna, came to watch the kids so that i could run a few errands and jamil and i could go on a date night. we ate some yummy fried seafood at a place in charlotte called captain steve's! it was so good. johanna spent the night so that she could be with us on saturday. jamil had to work all day on saturday on a project. and he went straight from work to elevation for the night. it was wonderful to have johanna here. i was so glad we planned this with her! i was able to get the house decorated because of her amazing help with the kids. and the kids did several crafts too! i would never ever have been able to do all this and keep my sanity! and then last night we went to my parents house for dinner! it was a good day!

today will be a good day too even though our plans were changed and we may not go to get our tree. i will take care of my little guy so that he can get better. that is what is most important. he is suppose to have his first basketball practice tomorrow night. i hope he will be better so he can go!

happy, happy sunday to you!


Melanie said...

Me too Dawn! I had hopes for today exactly like yours...church & then Christmas tree! But alas, I was home with a sick child today, too...but it did give me a rather quiet morning & a chance to catch-up on some stuff around here...great post & great attitude! Happy & healthy week to you!

Terri said...

I am sorry you had to miss church. I hate when that happens! I hope Jesiah is better soon. And that everyone else stays well. Have a great week! Blessings!