monday ramblings...

wow! it's monday again. only 11 days until christmas. that is crazy. we had a very busy weekend. the boys both had their first basketball games of the season. and jesiah's first game ever which deserves a post of it's own. we got our tree this weekend, finally. we put it up and now there is a leak in the stand and the throw rugs we put the stand on are soaking wet. so now we have to figure out how to get an already decorated tree into a new stand. fun times! it is always something at our house!

on friday, jaelyn woke up with a cold. and by that afternoon she had a fever. that makes five out of six of us who have this cold. i wish the germs would go away. i also wish the sun would come out. it is so dreary and cold here. very unlike our usual weather in the south. i think it has been over a week since the sun has made it's appearance.

on friday night we attended a leadership event with our church. it was such an amazing night. we continue to see God do huge things in our church! fortunately my mom kept jaelyn so that i could go. what a blessing. i will share the details in another post of how God is working!!

i was not able to go to church this weekend because of jaelyn being sick. bummer. i was getting ready to go yesterday to serve in a new volunteer role but she was just miserable. her fever was gone but she was a mess. i knew i couldn't take her to church like that. although, i knew that our wonderful nursery volunteers would have loved on her and cared for her, i knew she was best at home with me. i was sad to miss my first day volunteering, but there is always next week! as i am typing this i realized that i haven't told you about what i am doing at our church now. but i think i will save that for a post of its own!

have you sensed a common theme here, i keep telling you about little things that are going on and giving you no details! sorry about that! i guess i am setting myself up for lots of good writing material! hopefully i will have the time to follow through!

i didn't really have a point to this post other than to catch you up on a few things that are going on here. i realize i haven't posted much about christmas plans or traditions. i haven't even posted any pictures of any of our celebrating either. i guess i better get busy on that too.

thus far for christmas, we have done a little bit of decorating, some craft making, barely any baking and zero christmas shopping. i plan to do my shopping this weekend. nothing like the last minute, huh? so how about you have you done your shopping yet?

i am off the baby is waking up and i realized we haven't eaten lunch yet or gotten dressed! its been one of those days. i do have hopes of writing some more posts later for this week! hope you have a great week!


Susan said...

Last minute shopping here too! I've hardly gotten anything done and I don't even know what to get my girls this year. They are so hard to buy for this year! Hope you can get all the germs out of your house and all of you will stay well now.

LIL MAMA said...

oh, we went through 6 straight weeks of the kids having the "sicky" germs around. all of them just kept getting sick back and forth.

i hope you and the baby feel better soon!

and i look forward to reading your posts about Church.