easy kids' crafts...

a few saturdays ago, jamil was working all day and at church all evening so we had our sweet babysitter, johanna, come on friday and sleep over to be here with us on saturday! she watched the kid's while we had a date night on friday and then was here to help me with the kids all day on saturday. my goal was to decorate that day for christmas. so i got some things for the kids to make some crafts. they were busy making some cute things while i was busy decorating! and johanna was here to do whatever i needed help with! we love her to pieces!!

first, this $5 box of snowmen are so cute and my kids love them. we made a few different crafts and continues to keep them busy. there are little white snowmen shapes and then all different glittery colored hats, scarves and mittens. so the kids "built" their own snowmen!

they made cards, ornaments and gift bags with these! here are a few examples....

jesiah gave his ornament to johanna, he didn't want to wait until closer to christmas, he is just like his mommy! we simply built the snowman onto a flat glass star shaped ornament - easy! the big kids made those for their teachers. we are giving their teachers a few different handmade ornaments.

they also made these cute and easy snowflake ornaments using glittery pipe cleaners and beads:

this is jordyn's elevation sign made out of pipe cleaners!

they also made some things using popsicle sticks too, but i don't have a picture. they used the sticks to create a "frame" and put a snowman on a piece of cardstock.

i found large snowman foam bodies that we had from a craft from a few years ago, so they decorated those...

they had a great time creating all kinds of things and did it pretty much all day, that let me get a lot of decorating done!! i love that my kids love to do crafts!!

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