to uganda and back...

on sunday, i heard one of the most life changing, most powerful, most amazing message. pastor steven preached his message while he, our lead staff and our video crew were in uganda.

one of our goals at elevation church is to reach our community. we want to make an impact such that if our church were to no longer exist, that the charlotte community would truly miss us and feel the effects of our absense. we give back to our community in so many ways. we partner with several outreach organizations by providing volunteer and monetary support. one outreach partner that i have spoken about on my blog, that is dear to my heart is called safe journey (through communities in schools). it is a fabulous outreach that is designed to keep teen moms in school. i volunteer on the lead team from elevation for safe journey.

elevation church is now taking our outreach globally. we are now proud partners with samaritan's purse. our staff traveled to africa with the samaritan's purse. while, in uganda, my pastor recorded the message that we would hear this past sunday. honestly, the video was done so well, that i felt like i was there with pastor and the rest of the staff. and his message was amazing. i was so glad that i had tucked several tissues into my purse!

this sermon was about our response to what we saw and heard about in the message. we can react with greed, guilt or generosity. it was powerful. what i saw and what i heard put so many things into perspective. i have never had a desire to travel to africa or be a part of a trip such as this. but now i do! my heart has been changed and i have a new outlook on my life and how i am living it! to see the people in uganda, to see their living conditions and to hear their stories, especially one about a four year old boy named james has forever changed how grateful i am. to see their passion for God in the midst of having virtually nothing is amazing!

honestly, this is an experience that you do not want to miss. this is a message that will really put things into perspective for this holiday season. you can watch the video here. or you can catch it live here through dec. 4 @ 12, 6 & 8 pm. please make time to do this! you will be forever changed!

**you can also read pastor steven's wife, holly's commentary on sunday's message here

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