stressing over trying not to be stressed...

we try to keep things really simple around here during the christmas season. that doesn't mean that we are not celebrating this season, we celebrate it big, by remembering the true meaning of christmas. we don't do a lot of buying of stuff. we do crafts, baking and other acts of kindness as part of our giving. i thought that keeping it simple would be easy, but it is still hard to try to keep it that way. its till hard to do all of those simple things when there is always so much to do.

i so desire to not be stressed this time of year. i am finding that i am running out of time to do even the simple things on my list. and my lists keep getting shorter and shorter as i realize that everyday is a day less on the "christmas countdown". i keep crossing off things that are not must do's or must have's or must go's.

everyday life just doesn't stop to celebrate christmas. i can't exchange my daily to do list for the christmas to do list like i wish i could. the laundry doesn't stay clean and put away. dishes don't disappear. kids still have places to go. errands have to be done. bills have to be paid. food has to be planned and prepared even if it is frozen pizzas.

and then yesterday this happened...

and today, i have yet to clean it up. its just a big huge mess in the girl's closet. jordyn attempted to climb onto the shelf and the whole thing broke and fell down. so until the shelf is replaced i can not put all of that stuff back in its place. sigh! i know i could have it a lot worse right now!

but it is a another thing to take care of while i am stressing over not trying to be stressed out this christmas season! i am trying to keep my cool and have a good attitude! i really am!!

i keep telling myself it is going to be ok. things will get done. christmas will be celebrated. but it is hard to keep from wondering how? and i just want it to be simple and come from the right place. but that still presents a challenge!

does anyone else feel challenged by what they have to do this time of year?


Susan said...

Challenged, overwhelmed, frustrated, are only a few adjectives to describe how I am feeling right now.... It's funny how life just continues to go on no matter what else is happening. And what's even funnier is that I keep adding to my already overflowing plate. I've resigned myself to the fact that, that's just how I'm wired.

Hang in there! I'm sure everything will fall right into place. Sorry about the girls closet- we've had that happen before and it's such a pain to fix. Good luck with that!

Jenny said...

Hang in there girl!!!! Life can be so crazy at times, but you do a GREAT job at remembering what this season is REALLY all about! Your a super mom!!!

Terri said...

Oh, I am so sorry that this happened!!! That is one of those things that makes me want to fall into a heap and cry. Soooo frustrating, especially when the To Do list is already long. When we lived in the temp apartment, I took boxes and stacked them sideways to use as storage shelves... that could be a temporary solution so that you can move on with life and get the shelf reinstalled later.

I have our home decorated. Yep, it is done. That is all that is done! I have zero shopping completed, no family photo taken, cards not even started, Christmas letter not written, nothing baked.... I guess I am in denial about all that should be done in the next two weeks!!!! I keep saying that Christmas is simple when you don't have any money to spend. But, where I used to be very creative on a tight budget, and make a lot of gifts, these days I am practically paralyzed and have no ideas! So anyway, I can relate... I am just holding the stress at bay, until next week when it hits full force!!!!!!!! I will keep you in prayer, sweet friend! Blessings!