going to the chapel...

one of the other reasons that i just love this time of year is because jamil and i celebrate our wedding anniversary one week before christmas. and this year we will be celebrating our tenth anniversary! i am so excited about this huge milestone!

with our anniversary being so close to christmas, we usually don't do anything real big. i guess you could say that is one of the downfalls to getting married at christmas. but we had such a wonderful wedding day. it was perfect to have the season of christmas in the air while we were preparing for and enjoying this big day.

we got married in the church where jamil grew up and his family still attends. and then we had our reception at the dunhill hotel in uptown charlotte! we have some fabulous pictures from our special day especially with the christmas lights uptown! unfortunately, our pictures are all hard copies, we have none on cds or dvds ( i don't think this was around too much 10 years ago! if i can figure out a way to scan them and upload them, i will post them.)

anyway, as our big anniversary approaches i am going to do a few posts here and there about marriage! i plan to do that and also share with you some things i have learned and am continuing to learn through this wonderful 10 year journey. feel free to leave me a comment if there is anything you would like to read about in regards to our marriage/relationship. and if you have shared on your blog your story of your wedding day, let me know that too!

*photo taken by the beautiful mess!!


4torock said...

I cant wait to read more!! Happy 10th!!!:)

Susan said...

Congratulations and Happy 10th Anniversary to you and Jamil! It is a wonderful milestone. Hope you guys get to do something wonderful to celebrate.

Terri said...

Congratulations!!! I look forward to reading those posts about marriage. Gil asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him, "A happy husband." I truly desire to be the wife God intends me to be so that Gil can be the man God intends him to be. Blessings!!!