my accountability partner...

the other night as i was thinking about the priorities in my life. two came to mind that i have a tendency to seriously neglect. i told jamil about how i need to get these areas straight and in order. and we talked about how it is hard to keep them first, they tend to be the first things i cross off my to do list. we came to the conclusion that they are often skipped because there is no accountability. the other things i do, i have someone to be accountable to.

when it comes to doing a quiet time and exercising, i can so easily put anything in their place. i have been much better over the last few weeks about having an intentional prayer life and quiet time. when i wake up early and grab a cup of coffee and just be in the presence of the Lord, my days are just so much more peaceful and enjoyable. i am such a better person. now that we have a puppy who needs to go out to potty early in the morning - i told jamil that she is becoming my accountability partner ~ she gets me up bright and early! this morning, i didn't go back to bed, i put on a pot of coffee, made myself a cup, grabbed my book, bible and journal and headed outside. so while she was out walking around, i was reading and praying. it was a great way to start off my day.

as for exercising, as soon as i get the puppy leash trained, she will become my walking and eventually running partner. i love to walk and i use to love to run. i would like to begin running again. i am going to make exercise a priority. again, it makes me feel so much better. just like my quiet times, i feel like when i have these things in check i can be such a better person.

i do realize that my puppy really doesn't make the cut when it comes to having a true accountability partner. i haven't lost my mind that much to think that i can have her in place of a human being. i wouldn't want to alarm pastor or fellow church goers at elevation -- i was listening to our last sermon series entitled "entourage". in fact i have taken a lot away from that series and have been praying about those people who i consider to be in my entourage.

it has always been really important to me to have a good network of friends. i am a pretty social person and enjoy being around people a lot. my friend kelly and i were talking about this today during our playdate. we were saying how we would pretty much always choose being around people rather than being alone. now don't get me wrong -- some alone time is good, and definitely needed. but a lot of times, i decompress when i am able to talk to a close friend.

i love to meet people especially other women in my stage of life. sharing stories of pregnancies, childbirth, nursing, childrearing, etc. is always something i am game to talk about. i have found that it is really easy for me to meet people and develop friendships with a lot of people. i feel blessed to have a lot of friends and to have had the opportunity to know a lot of people. one thing that i recognize that i need in my life is a group of close friends, an entourage. i realize that everyone i know and everyone i am friends with can not really be in my entourage. but they can still be friends. if all my friends knew every personal detail of my life like some of the ladies in my entourage, it wouldn't work well for them or for me. it really takes a special person and a special relationship to be in someone's entourage. i have been praying specifically for God to clearly identify those people who have been placed in my life through all the good stuff and all the bad stuff and who love me just the same. when you have found friends like that it is a wonderful wonderful thing.

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