decision update...

just wanted to let you know that the family who came to meet jaci, left with jaci. it was a hard decision for them, which made it harder for me because i had prepared to say good bye to her. and when we thought that they may not take her, i was panicked. but God answered my prayers.

they had a hard time because jaci looked so much like their dog who had to be put to sleep in may, her name was casey (- how bout that for coincidence. also, casey's birthday was on christmas day and they took jaci home for a christmas present) anyway, they were not sure that having a dog who looked so much like the one they lost would be good for them. but they fell in love with jaci and after being here for about 2 hours, they did take her home. i feel soooo good about the decision and i know she is with the right family. it still was hard.

it wasn't easy to say good bye to her. and little things around the house remind me of her and i get a little sad. putting her in their van with them was one of the hardest things i have ever done. she looked at me and i just cried. i do miss her. but i know this is for the best. i know she will be loved and a part of a great family!

God's hands have been all over this. i have been sad today, my heart a little broken. the kids are doing pretty good. they were upset for a few minutes. and when we talked about it today, jordyn reminded josh that God helps us to do hard things. and she is so right again. when God asks us to do something, the right something, it isn't always easy, most of the time it is hard but it is for the best - His best. so, i digress... (God, I have gotten this down, can't we move on to the next lesson, I am emotionally exhausted from loss and pain and crying - it has been a long year, although you have provided in so many ways. i will take what you give me and do it without a complaint!)

doing an early christmas with my parent's tonight took their minds off of her being gone. and mine too. the presents stacked up helped with their loss. and the check they gave us to buy our present helped me too. i am sure that it will get easier as the days go on, but tonight as i right this there are still a few tears left in me. i am looking forward to tomorrow and being in church!!!

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Mel, Kyle, Cam, & Kaela said...

Oh, Dawn, I feel your pain. It was tough for us, too, to give up our beloved pets. We were pretty depressed for a few days and still (we gave them up in April) get sad thinking about them. I take comfort in knowing that they are with a good family that will pay lots of attention to them. I hope your pain eases with time and hang on to the happy memories of your time together. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!