a new day...

today, i feel better than i have in a few weeks. i have been in a real fog. i have been feeling pretty depressed and anxious. i haven't felt like getting out of bed. i haven't felt like being a mom or a wife. i haven't felt like accomplishing daily tasks. basically, you name it and i haven't felt it.

but there is something about today, i woke up feeling more refreshed and more normal. i feel a lot less gloomy and like i want to be productive. like i have come through the fog (i have cleaned 2 bathrooms, wiped the floors on my hands and knees, loaded the dishes from last nights momtourage, made a list of phone calls, cut jesiah's hair) i even took the kids outside to play in the leaves in the near 80 degree sunny weather(in the middle of december, might i add).

and i don't feel stressed about the things i haven't gotten accomplished (going through one of my baskets of junk to be put in the right homes, vacuuming bedrooms, giving the puppy a bath, downloading pictures, finish shopping, making some teacher crafts).

i have a very driven personality. very. of the four elements of a personality - i am definitely fire.
and when i am off and can't accomplish things ~ i don't feel like i am productive.

today was a new day and i felt productive and joyful! thanks be to God...

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