kind of quiet...

i feel like i have been kind of "quiet" on my blog lately. i have actually have had a lot of things going on -- inside and out -- i have had a lot of thoughts of things i should blog about, then i change my mind and decide not to , or i will forget that great idea i came up with (call it mommy brain).

just so you know, life hasn't really been quiet, it's just my thoughts on what to blog about. i was reading my friend kelly's blog today and i am so glad that she isn't going to stop blogging!

although, i do understand that thought - i think it often. one of the goals of my blog is to be transparent. sometimes i feel like the things i really want to write about would be way too transparent. but then when i try to blog and i am only scratching the surface of what is going on with me i feel like i am being too "surfacey".

i really strive to be real and i want people to know who i am. i want to be who i am and not who others want me to be. to me that has been a really important part of my christian journey. and i want that to be apparent on my blog.

so, this week i have been struggling with my posts and what to say and how to say it. i actually have experienced a little bit of writer's block when it comes to the really deep stuff i want to share.

bear with me as i get through this and hopefully i will be back to posting more transparent and real stuff!! until then, i have a lot of not so deep things to share!!!

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4torock said...

deep or not I love your blog- and even though it is FREEZING today seeing your fam in bathin' suits warms my heart- so cute every time I check your blog!! Love ya girl
Kate ;)