last post for 2007...

i am ready to say good bye to this year. i have been busy un-decorating from christmas and trying to get things back in place today. i have organized our calendar for the first month of this new year. i have organized a few things here and there (not due to any stress this time) and moved some furniture around. eventually, i will reveal a new blog look for the new year!! oh, and jamil has been helping out doing his list of things as well.

i have this notion that to enter this new year, everything needs to be in place and ready to go. type A personality to say the least. it isn't like if it isn't done we won't be blessed with a new year. i am just eagerly anticipating this new beginning and feel like i need to be "doing". today, i physically moved things around to get ready.

over the last two weeks or so, i have mentally, emotionally and spiritually moved things around. i have done a lot of thinking and praying. jamil and i have done a lot of thinking, praying and planning together. we have made some major decisions as we move into 2008. we have made decisions that will indeed move us past the road blocks of this last year and into a year of great things. we know 2008 is going to be great!!!

last night our prayer and worship service at elevation was awesome. awesome doesn't even describe it. for me, it was such a time of restoration and gave me so much encouragement and so much hope as we move into this new year. elevation is such a big part of our lives and to be there last night just gave such an incredible and positive ending to 2007.

so, that is it... my last post for this year. my next one will be dated 2008!

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