here's to eight...

today is our eighth anniversary! when we decided to have a christmas wedding eight years ago, it was a beautiful idea. the church decorated festively to celebrate this awesome holiday. the lights all around seemed to twinkle and shine just for us. uptown, where we had our reception was beautifully lit and made a gorgeous backdrop for photographs. we stopped traffic to cross the street while all dressed up for our wedding day. that was fun!

eight years and three kids later, a christmas anniversary gets a little lost in the shuffle, if you know what i mean. there were many years that we allowed the day to go unnoticed or without much celebration. with the timing of our anniversary, we face the whole present ordeal too. like a child with a christmas birthday, often we combine our gifts making them anniversary/christmas gifts. many years we didn't exchange gifts for either holiday. this year we skip the anniversary gift and just do christmas (maybe).

on saturday night, we were able to have a night to ourselves - thanks to my mother in law for watching the kiddos - to finish up shopping for the kids and go out for dinner (kabutos - yum!). it was a wonderful time!

but today is really an ordinary day... since the celebrating was done early.

jamil is actually home from work today because we had some water/well issues that needed his attention. right now, he is off checking on a side job and then tonight he will be out with josh coaching his basketball team. later, i will look through our wedding album with jordyn - she will love to see all the pretty dresses and familiar faces!!!

i think we will begin to look into celebrating a "half anniversary" in june!

but even though our anniversary isn't nearly as big of a day as our wedding was, it is still super special to me!


steph said...

and me! i remember that day so well. how about when someone in the family called you that morning b/c "they couldn't find Jamil"! no stress! turned out he was with michael getting you a gift! that was a fun day and you were totally beautiful (still are!). i am so glad i was a part of it and am again a part of your life and you are mine. can't wait till new year's!!!!!!!

steph said...

oh yeah...happy anniversary! :-)

Mel, Kyle, Cam, & Kaela said...

Happy Anniversary! Ours is actually in 4 days--how weird is that! I totally hear you on all that you said. Last year was our 5 year anniversary and--prebabies--we had planned a Vegas celebration. Well, that didn't happen. This year, since it is hell trying to get a babysitter this time of year, we are bound and determined (at least I am) to celebrate--dinner with or without the kids! We also don't exchange gifts, but really I don't feel at a loss for it. I don't need a gift from Kyle to know that he loves me and loves being married to me. I just want a little couple time to celebrate those feelings! :) I hope that you enjoy your day--even if it seems a little ordinary.

OasisJoy said...

I had a Christmas wedding last year. It was beautiful! I keep hearing of more and more people who have also had them. This year will be our first anniversary, so don't know how that will go on a yearly basis yet. :-)