a little relief?

i haven't been much of a blogger lately - actually, i haven't been doing much of anything lately. my main goal each day is to survive this sickness. basically, i am sick morning, noon and night and it hasn't let up at all. it is constant - i pretty much only feel "good" for about 20 minutes after i eat and feel really full. and then once the food settles - i am sick again. i don't actually throw up - i am just super queasy, and gag really easy. also, i am struggling with finding food that i can eat and want to eat. it is very frustrating to say the least. i just can't make myself eat anything - whatever pops into my mind (& tastebuds) is what i need to eat. i really really try to eat something from home - but that doesn't always work. being sick like this takes a lot out of me, i have very little energy or ambition to do anything. i just feel yucky all of the time. i have to remind myself that this is a blessing - to be pregnant that is and that i just have to deal with it. so that is what i am doing each day, dealing with it and trying to get a little relief.


BlueSkiesFromNowOn said...

I found your blog through Sophie's Hope08.

I'm not an expert on pregnancy having never been pregnant. However, I remember reading on a blog recently that the motion sickness wristbands used for cruises are supposed to work well for "morning" sickness.

I'm not sure if that's an option, just a thought for you. Hope you feel better soon.


Chubbacoo said...

I was going to say the same thing--motion sickness bands, I also have seen mommy pops, or lemon-tart type things. Someone told me they actually sucked on lemons! Good luck and just keep eating!!

Marybeth said...

That made me laugh as I remembered that "first thing that sounds good" couple of weeks from the last pregnancy. For me, it was constantly a turkey sub from Subway! That is such a funny memory to me whenever I think of how often I drove up to Subway for the one and only thing I could even think about eating. Thanks for bringing back a funny memory!