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today, i have been very aware of my eating habits - basically making sure that i have something in my stomach at all times. i have been trying to balance the food and liquid thing. not too much or to close together. i have eaten a lot, like a baby, every 2 hours or so. it has seemed to help. we were out and about today - doing some shopping and then meeting some friends for lunch - i think getting out of the house today really helped too. getting my mind off of not feeling so great was a good thing. tonight we are going to the bobcats game - i really hope that i will continue to feel ok. i wouldn't want to be sick there - i want to enjoy our time away!!

last night, after talking to my friend patti - i had jamil stop and get me some coke. i haven't had any caffeine (seriously none! cold turkey) since i found out i was pregnant. but a coke sounded so good yesterday. patti encouraged me to do what i need to do to survive this stage and if one coke was going to make me feel better - then go for it. i agreed and that coke made a world of difference last night. i may have to switch to the caffeine free kind b/c i don't want to go against my one a day rule.

my husband was a true hero last night bringing home not only the coke, but dinner and a late night snack too (sushi - not the raw fish kind!!) for me! he is a great man!!! he really pampered me!! i have been pretty whiny and really tired. not a lot of fun lately. he has put up with my mood swings and crazy cravings - i know we have blown our food budget out of the water this month. he has been such a good sport and very supportive. he has been understanding and encouraging. i am so glad God blessed me with him!!!

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Patti's Chat said...

Keep hangin' in there girl! This too shall pass and soon you'll wake up and realize your days are getting easier.
I meant it when I said, you call me if you need something, I'll be there in a blink!
Love you tons my friend! :)