loud and crazy day...

today, we met our friends amy and will at mcallister's for lunch and then we went to target. from the second we got together our kids (my two, her one) were so loud and so crazy! i think they have spring fever!! i know for myself personally, i love this weather, it feels so good to be outside and feels so good to be out and about. those nasty winter blahs are over -- yahoo!!

i think the kid's were feeling that way too. but i must say if i were not a mom and i were in target and would have seen our children's crazy behavior, i would have shaken my head and said something to myself about how loud they were. the three of them were sooooo loud and so wild. we had two shopping carts and they played musical carts the whole entire trip. with three kids, there is always the odd man out and none of them could get settled. they wanted everything they saw. they were swinging off the handlebars of the carts -- i am telling you it was a crazy trip. fun for them crazy for the moms! jesiah lost a toy car from the cars movie that was will's. and to top it off, i forgot to use the coupon i had for $10 off. oh well, the day is done and now i am going to try to enjoy a few minutes of silence while jesiah is napping and the older two are watching tv.

tonight, we are going out to dinner to celebrate jamil's birthday - which is on sunday! and amy is the dearest friend b/c after our loud and crazy day, she and ken are babysitting all three of our kids -- i hope she had some quiet time and rest this afternoon - in preparation for the loudness that may be coming to her house is just a few short hours!!!!

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jess said...

yeah!!! a date night!!! you awesome wife...i hope jamil had a good birthday and that you could actually eat something at dinner (that you didn't feel sick...ugh...)

love you