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my friend, kelly, tagged me to do this fun little post... where i tell 7 random things about myself. i am lacking for an exciting post topic today. so when she tagged me, i am following suit and going to participate. i would much rather tell 7 things about kelly than about myself, but that wouldn't be following the directions. so before i list my random things, i am going to give kelly a shout out!!! i just love my friend kelly!! i met kelly on one of our first sunday morning at elevation. and honestly, her and her husband, larry are one of the reasons that helped us to feel that God was calling us to elevation. both of them made us feel so welcome and immediately took us under their wings and showed us such love and hospitality. they had us over for dinner and our families started a great friendship! we love their beautiful girls, who get along with our three kiddos!! and one day josh and riley (their oldest) may even be allowed to date - when they are like in their thirties or so!!!! kelly is a great friend, a supportive wife and such a loving mommy! i am so glad that God put kelly in my life! her friendship means the world to me! thanks kel, for being you!!!! love you!!!

here are the 7 random things about me:

1. i have a very type a personality. i have a constant need for order and organization. although, my house doesn't reflect that right now, it is tearing me up that i have had to let go of the control over how much gets down around here.

2. i really, really do not like to throw up/vomit. i have a phobia about that. i just don't like doing it at all. thankfully, i haven't ever had a stomach bug that requires this of me since i was a child. i do remember getting sick in the hallway of school as a child, perhaps the embarrassment of that has put the fear in me. as a crazy college student, i did it very very little. and as a mommy prego for the fourth time - in the first trimester - i will sick as a dog and queasy and gagging and all of that but it will take a lot for me to throw up!!! i have done it a very few times during my pregnancies. (random and gross - sorry)

3. i am like kelly, i really do not like to wear socks (i am going to have to try those footie things!) and i (most) always have my toenails painted. i love wearing flip flops and sandals!!!! as soon as it just begins to get a little warm, i am in my open toed shoes with painted toes!!! it will take a lot for me to put back on regular shoes when it gets cold again.

4. i love being pregnant and love, love babies!!!! ( i must say that this first trimester has made me think twice this go around!) i have been blessed with three very easy pregnancies and three healthy babies!!. i love hearing the heartbeat when i am pregnant (next appt. on 3/24 we should be able to hear her(him)!), i love seeing the baby on the u/s, i love feeling them move and kick and turn. i love the excitement (minus the pain of all 3 natural births) of the labor and delivery and being in the hospital is like a mini retreat to me!! and i love holding new little babies - love them. it has been so long since i have held a new baby of my own!!!

5. i am recently addicted to "lost". i started watching the previous seasons online in the beginning of january. i am finally into the third season!! i look forward to being in the fourth season and caught up!

6. i really like warm weather and being in the sunshine. i love the beach!! and i love being tan! i struggle in the summer, b/c i know that getting too much sun isn't great, so i try to take it slow and i do wear sunscreen!!!

7. i like driving a minivan! i have a silver honda odyssey. i have had it less than a year. although, i have been driving a minivan for seven years. this honda odyssey is by far my favorite!!!!! i hate when it gets messy and dirty. i vacuumed and cleaned it up a little today and it makes me feel so much better!!

tag - you're it...

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2. chelsea
3. teri
4. patti
5. marybeth
6. jenny
7. kate


Kelly H. said...

I love you too Dawn! I'm so thankful that God brought your family to Elevation...we think the world of you all. I'll never forget the first time you came over for dinner, Josh and Riley were priceless! MAYBE we'll let them date earlier, like at 25! :)

4torock said...

Thanks for the tag girlie- I am soo glad all you pregger girls are feeling better and can't wait to read more posts about hearbeats, sonograms, and names ( even though Chelsea is keeping hers top-secret!! lol!) love ya !

Jenny said...

Thanks for tagging me. Hope you are having a great day!

Kelly H. said...

I love you too Dawn! I'll never forget the first time you guys came over, I'm so grateful God brought you to Elevation! And maybe Joshua and Riley can date a little earlier, like 25 or something! :)

The Carr Family said...

thanks for the tag! ;)
it was fun reading your 7 things!!!