keeping busy...

we have been thoroughly enjoying this weather!!! it is so wonderful and refreshing to have the sun shining and feels perfectly warm! yesterday, i took the kid's to the park. we met some good friends of ours and amy brought will, she had lunch plans so he hung out with us there! the kid's had a great time and played really hard. i was able to enjoy the company and conversation with my friend's trevor and tracy and their sweet baby girl saya!! after trevor and tracy left, i let the kid's play in the "sanbox" (aka: sand volleyball pit) while we waited for amy to return. one of my friend's, heidi, was there coincidentally, with her kids and her parents. she has a son close to josh's age. so trent and josh went off with trent's grandfather to fly a kite!! joshua was so excited to fly a kite and then they played in the woods, breaking sticks and doing "boy stuff". the other kiddos played contently in the sand. and i got to enjoy some great conversation with heidi and amy!! finally it was time to head home - i must say anytime we go somewhere - going home is the hardest part - no one ever wants to leave and it is so difficult. everyone is going all different directions. as soon as i get two to follow the third turns around and heads a different way. and just to think - we will be adding a fourth to the mix -- wow!!!

today, chelsea and i met at five guys (craving hamburgers!!) and ate outside with the kids. it was a great lunch. the kid's were enjoying themselves!! chelsea and i made the observation as we were trying to steer five kids out the front door so we could head to our vans, that soon, when we are together, we will be adding two more to the mix - wow, seven kids between the two of us!! we might as well open a preschool!!! once we got them to the van, we headed to the movies - to see alvin and the chipmunks!!! it was a really cute movie - the kid's loved it!!

tonight, i plan for us to just take it easy and hang out at home! tomorrow night, i will get to see my friend stephanie, who is flying in from georgia for a long weekend! we are going to grab some dinner with another friend and then she is going to sleep over at our house so she can come to church with us in the morning!!!

latley, my posts just seem to be journal entries of what each of our days look like. i haven't been too deep or too funny. just sort of floating along - perhaps this baby is sucking my brains out!!!

oh, the prescription meds i have been taking for the "morning sickness" have been making me feel a lot better. now i just need a prescription for the exhaustion -- any suggestions on curing that one? i am trying to convince jamil that a vacation is what my midwife prescribed - he isn't going for it -- yet!!!!

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