over the last few days...

meet baby j #4...

on monday, i had my 10 week check up with my midwife. at my last appointment she reminded me that we would be able to hear the baby's heartbeat so to bring whoever i wanted to with me. so, my sister, my mom, jordyn , jesiah and i went to my appointment. jamil had a crazy way busy day at work and couldn't get away. as with all three of my other pregnancies, we were not able to hear the heartbeat so my midwife did an ultrasound where we could see the baby's heart beating away!! and we got a few great shots of the little peanut. jordyn and jesiah thought it was so neat to see the baby. they were excited. of course i was thrilled to see the baby. at this point the baby is only about an inch long. you can see it's head and body and little teeny arms and legs. how amazing. everytime i think about that little tiny baby inside of me growing and moving it just amazes me and i know that this life has been created by our Creator - God is so good and I feel so humbled to be witnessing another one of his miracles!

happy easter 2008!!!!!

sunday was a great day! jamil started the day off early at elevation. and the kids and i had a relaxing morning before headin to church ourselves. they were all dressed up and looked so cute!! of course, getting a picture to turn out with all three of them is so hard. i can't imagine what it will be like with four!! church was awesome!!!! this was our first easter at elevation and it was nothing at all what you would expect! of course, it was done elevation style - it was amazing! pastor delivered a powerful message! we had 4800 in attendance between our 6 service times! and over 500, yes you read it right 500 people accepted Christ as their Savior!!

after church we ate lunch at jamil's mom's house and the kid's had an easter egg hunt with their cousins!!! and then we went to my mom and dad's house for another egg hunt and dinner. it was a really fun day!! my sister julie was there to share in the fun. it was awesome to have her there!!

on saturday, my dad took jamil and josh to see the harlem globetrotter's at bobcat's arena - -they had a great time. while they did that jesiah, jordyn and i introduced julie to mcallister's !! we had a great lunch and ran a few errands with her.

late friday night, my sister, julie came into town from pittsburgh,pa. she brought a car load of stuff to begin her move. she will be moving down here with us in april!!! we are so excited that she will be here with us. the kids love their aunt julie! i feel so blessed to have my parents and now my sister living so close!!

we have had an eventful few days. last night, i had a yummy dinner with one of my best friends, chelsea. we ate at red robin - it was my first time. it was really good and such great company too!!!

while i was out, jamil and my dad spent the evening fixing or trying to fix our well. we didn't have any water yesterday and they were looking into the problem. we were able to have a temporary solution until they can fix it later today. the kid's were up late watching movies while i was gone and jamil was outside. they did a great job, they were awake when i got home, but the house was still standing!!! they were up late so today we are taking it easy!!!

josh is on spring break this week and we have some fun things planned to do over the next couple of days while he is off of school. we may venture to the park, catch a movie and right the light rail downtown!!!

so that is what has been going on with our family over the last few days!!!


Bradelyn said...

Joshua, Jordyn, and Jesiah are soo cute in their outfits!!! And baby number 4 is going to be right there with them! :)

Phillip McCart said...

The kids look adorable! Let's get the fams together soon. I feel like it's been forever.

Chelsea said...

Baby J will join a crowd of super-cute kids. I mean, I could just pinch 'Siah for being that adorable!