shoe shopping...

over the last several days, i have been feeling a little bit better. not great, but better. maybe, i am just used to being sick and have gotten a high tolerance for it or maybe it has let up some. who knows, but i am grateful to feel a little bit normal in little bits during the day. instead of being sick all day long. i am sick in waves throughout the day.

so with that brings the challenge of getting done what needs to be done when i feel good. so i have to take advantage of the times i feel good and go for the gold. and when i don't feel good, i just kind of veg out.

i am faced with a pretty big to do list this week. but it feels good to have pretty much completed the kids' spring clothes and shoes shopping (praise God for the generous tax return to help with this task!!!).

jamil and i took the kids to concord mills mall on saturday - each kiddo needed at least a pair of shoes, ideally 2 pairs. we were thinking we would drive up their get some shoes for cheap!!! but the mall was crazy ridiculously crowded and the kid's were a little unruly. so shopping for 6 pairs of shoes was quickly reduced to 3 pairs - so when you see my kids on Easter Sunday with sneakers on with their Sunday best - know we did our best! and then we only walked away with shoes for the boys.

this morning we headed out to get jordyn's shoes - i can only buy her shoes at one place i have found in charlotte. i realize that and am committing to memory right now!!! the last 2 or 3 times she has needed shoes, i have driven myself crazy going to all different places, looking for deals only to find she doesn't fit into any of those shoes. i have tried target, stride rite, department stores, skechers, etc. i am vowing from here on out not to even try those places to buy her a good fitting pair of shoes. we will not venture anywhere else but to the shoe in (in stonecrest). jordyn has a very, very narrow tiny foot. it is long, but teeny tiny. we started out with a really nice gal helping us, my kids were not in the best of mood and neither was i. the sales lady tried but was not getting any shoes to fit her right. then the man, who i think is the owner walked by and recognized jordyn (or her teeny foot) and he helped us out!!! we were able to get a really really cute pair of shoes .the man who works there (i must get his name next time) knows jordyn's foot and which shoes work best. usually those are the most pricey ones. but what am i to do??? she has shoes and i can cross shoe shopping off of my list for now!!!


Jenny said...

I'm glad your are feeling "somewhat" better!
Hope you have a very productive week!

Marybeth said...

At least you have some Easter duds for your kiddos-- my children will be outfitted in pitiful-looking attire considering the fact that a MALL is about the last place you will find my crippled self these days!

4torock said...

hey girl- so glad you are a little better- We love the Shoe In too!!- my step-dad who makes a living buying and selling shoes says the owner of that store truly IS the best! If only we could both remember his name to get it out there huh??! lol Have a great day and hope to see you around:)