all j's...

all four of my kid's have names that start with the letter "j". that wasn't something i planned from the beginning, it just kinda happened.

when i was pregnant with our first baby. we did not find out if the baby would be a boy or a girl. so we had both names ready. when our beautiful son was born, we named him joshua brendan. we just loved the name joshua, such a strong biblical name, meaning "God is my salvation".

when i was pregnant with baby #2, i had to know if it would be a girl or a boy. i did everything gender neutral for the first baby. and if our second was a girl, i wanted to go all out in pink everything. at 18 weeks prego, we found out that baby #2 would be a girl. when we started talking about names, we immediately went back to the girl name we had chosen for our first baby if it were to be a girl. jordyn. jamil's father's side of the family's last name is jordan, so we wanted to use that name but make it feminine with the "y". when our beautiful baby girl was born she was named jordyn alexis.

of course when i was pregnant with baby #3, everyone began to ask, will you use another "j" name? something we really hadn't thought of. but we decided to keep up the tradition. jamil really wanted to stick with the j's more than i. he doesn't request much, so i was on board. it would be weird to have two j's and a different letter. (oh, yes, my hubby has a "j" name too!)

back to baby #3, i just knew was going to be another baby girl and had a name all planned out, until the ultrasound showed us clearly "she" was a boy!! so we had two names picked out: jackson and jesiah. we went round and round and round on both names, we took a poll of our friends and families opinions. even up to the day he was born we were still not sure. really it was me, jamil was ok with either name!! when it came time to do the birth certificate, i had to ask for a little more time. in the hospital, jamil brought me a charm for my family necklace and it was the third charm to my pair and it was engraved with the name jesiah. so, i said that would be our sweet baby boy's name. jesiah bennett. i just love the name bennett. if we would have not used another "j" , bennett would be his name. i call him, bennett or jesiah bennett a lot.

and that brings us to baby #4, who we decided of course had to be another "j". when it was confirmed that baby was a girl. we explored a few different names and decided to use the girl's name we had picked for baby #3. jaelyn. we explored lots of different spellings and liked this the best. so when sweet baby girl was born she was named jaelyn aliyah. i couldn't imagine her name being anything else!

i just love my kid's names!! i just love baby naming!!!

oh yeah, not only do my kids all start with letter "j". but the girls have the same initials (j.a.m.) and the boys have the same initials (j.b.m.) i love that they have these similarities. but i will say when it comes to labeling anything that is their own, it is hard b/c i can't use initials or first letters, i have to write out their names. oh well. although as for hand me downs it works great!!

so that is the story of our children's names! and IF there were ever to be a fifth baby massey, yes, we would use another j,

i have a few up my sleeve.



Jenny said...

I LOVE all your kids names and I think it's so... cool how they all begin with the letter j!

So...will there be a 5th baby J?!?!?!?

Becki Francy said...

Love the little lesson on the naming. I love baby names...

Susan said...

why won't i be surprised if there is a 5th baby J??? ;)