top five tuesdays...

the other day, i was reading my friend, kelly's blog and she listed her girls' top five toys. it was so fun to read and she asked what other readers' kids top five toys are. so i wanted to share what our top five toys that our kids play with the most.

before i do, i thought it would be fun to do a somewhat regular post, {hmmm dare i say or commit to weekly} on tuesdays that will list the top five favorites of all kinds of things. it will be called top five tuesdays. i have a few ideas up my sleeve that will get me started on the next two months or so. i would love to read about your top five favorites too. so you can leave me a comment or write your own post. if you do your own post, leave me a comment and let me know.

since i have two boys and two girls of all different ages, i am going to focus on the three older kids and just do a combo list of girls and boy toys!

ok. so. here are the top five toys that my three older kids play with...

1. dress up clothes: at one point in time all the kids loved to dress up, josh is "too old" for that now. so at any given time of day you can find jesiah or jordyn dressed up in all different costumes. they love it!! jordyn especially likes to put on makeup and jewelry!

2. barbies & action figures: jordyn will play with her barbies every once in awhile. jesiah loves his action figures especially spiderman!!!

3. playstation & nintendo ds/gameboy: this would be joshua's favorite toy! he loves electronics and playing games on them!!

4. art stuff & playdough: this is one thing that will keep all three of my big kids really busy! they all love to sit and draw, color, or create things. we do this pretty much every single day!!!

5. imaginext toy sets: this is jesiah's thing! he loves his batcave, pirate ship and jungle safari. he plays with these a lot!!!

ok, those are my kids' top five favorite toys. what about yours?? what are your kids top five favorite toys? leave a comment or let me know if you are posting on your blog!

next tuesday...top five favorite pieces of baby gear!!

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