dear blog...

i am so sorry that it has been days since i have written a post on you, i seem to have forgotten all about you lately. with the kids' last week of school, {oooppsss. just remembered i never told their school about my big decision to homeschool.} and with the safe journey graduation tomorrow, my mind has been completely engulfed in those things.

one day, i will get back to you and publish some posts. i promis. but i can guarantee it won't be in the next few days. i hope you will entertain my faithful readers {all three of them :)}, by letting them read my twitter updates on the left hand side {just linked to my phone!}. and maybe check out a few of my bloggy friends who haven't forgotten about their blogs {links, also located on the left side}.

until i return, i apologize for being so absent! please take care of yourself and don't seek revenge by deleting my posts, it is the only record of my family's photos and stories right now.

i shall return to you soon.


Terri said...

I love this post!! I had to post something similar, but no where near as creative, to my blog! Anyway, I am coming out of lurkdom to let you know that I have something for you on my blog!! Blessings!

The Aspenberg Family said...

Hi Dawn, My name is Stacey from New Jersey, a Mommy of 2 , 3 in Dec. I want to tell u I stumbled upon your blog from Sophieshope, and I love what your blog about everyday stuff!! Thanks for helping me feel so normal! Also we had a chance to hear your pastor speak Via One Prayer this morning at our church shorefellowship.com and thought he was amazing, and It's such a small world! I just wanted to share!! Hope you are having a very blessed Sunday!!
In Christ,