let summer begin...

last weekend we went to the ymca waterpark.
we have been members at the ymca for many years
and our favorite part of the y is spending days at the waterpark and pool.

this was jaelyn's first visit!!!

joshua decided to take the swim test on the first day we went, passing the test allows him to swim and slide anywhere at the waterpark. he passed on his first try. last year he waited until the last week of summer to take the test, because he was nervous.
this year he did it right away!
we were so proud of him!!!

little buddy loves to be in the water! he doesn't really have any fear.

this year the ymca has life jackets to use while you are there.
that is so reassuring to me.

so jesiah wore one while in the pool with his daddy.
it gave him the confidence to swim all by himself.

jordyn loves the water too. she also loves to play on the side of the pool.
here she is using a paint brush and "painting" with water. this keeps her so busy.
she loves to paint!!!

and this little bathing beauty, she did really well in the water. she spent a lot of time on my hip. she did love to splash in the water. and then she fell asleep in her stroller!!
that is so great that she will sleep like this. we will spend many days at the pool and this will help keep her on a nap schedule!

both days last weekend, we went to the pool with my sister and i had jamil too. i wasn't so sure how i would do with all four by myself. this week, i met up with four of my friends and their kiddso and we had a blast. i was constantly counting and keeping up with kids. but it went pretty well. i will not be able to sit on the side of the pool and read a book but that is ok, that will come one day.


Christy said...

we've been going to the Aquatic Center... I don't know how you do it with four... doing it with three is really hard... and I usually have my mom help me... Lilly and Zach have been in opposite directions! AAHHH!

Hope you are doing well... let me know when we can get the boys together for a playdate... Maybe one night I can take them to an Eagles game???

Schleicher Family said...

That looks lie so much fun. Maybe we will see you there sometime

Jenny said...

I love summer days by the pool! Looks like you guys had a GREAT time!!! We are going to hit the YMCA waterpark next weekend!!