top five tuesdays (baby gear)...

my top five most favorite...
pieces of baby gear

currently, these are my five most favorite pieces of baby gear.
definitely my "must haves" for a new baby!!!

1. baby sling(s) and/or a front carrier: i have two nest slings made by a friend and a baby bjorn.
i love wearing jaelyn in a sling or a carrier!! i will need to take a picture of her in my other nest sling and show you another way i wear her!

2. chicco key fit infant seat
we bought this infant seat brand new right before jaelyn was born. i searched and searched for the perfect seat. it isn't pink, but i love, love this seat. it is the best one we have owned by far!!!

3. peg perego pliko stroller in pink
we bought this stroller off of craig's list and i love it!!! and to my surprise, the infant seat fits in it perfectly!! i had to have a pink stroller this go around!! they didn't make many things in pink when i had my first baby girl!

4. fisher price rainforest jumperoo: jaelyn loves this and so do i, especially since i got it at target on clearance for more than 50% off!!!

5. vera bradley cargo sling in pinwheel pink: the perfect baby bag!!! although, it is hard to fit more than 2 of our cloth diapers in it. i recieved this lovely bag from my friends at my baby shower.


Christy said...

I still can't believe that you do clothe diapers... how is it going? Do you do a thousand loads a day? I couldn't even imagine doing that... I think that for my life I would go insane... is it that much of a difference?

Alicia W. said...

I love the baby sling in carnival bloom. My camera strap is in that same pattern. I love it! :o)

The Aspenberg Family said...

Hi Dawn! We have the Pliko Peg Perego stroller! We LOVE IT!! It was the best purchase we have ever made! But I must say we got it on sale at Babies R Us!!!