he doesn't ask for much..

so the other day in the midst of me trying to plan a special father's day weekend for jamil, he told me that he wanted to paint our front porch. neither one of us are really outdoorsy type people. we are not really good at doing projects outside either. we live on almost two acres of farm land that requires a lot of upkeep and we fall behind really easy. that is something we would like to get better at doing.

our porch was in desperate need to be repainted. our house was built nine years ago and we hadn't done anything to keep up the appearance of the white porch. jamil told me that the only thing he wanted for father's day was to get the porch back into shape. so we spent all day on saturday sanding and repainting the porch. our kids (the older ones) came out and helped. the baby was as good as gold, she spent many hours sitting on the porch watching us paint.

i wish i would have taken a "before" picture. but i did not. but this is an "after" picture.

jamil got his father's day wish...a newly painted front porch.

our next project is to work on the area beneath the porch and get those flower beds cleaned up and looking better. maybe plant some more things. then i would like to decorate the porch with potted flowers, a new doormat, and something for the door. i also am going to try to find some inexpensive rocking chairs, a little table and chairs and perhaps a porch swing. craig's list will be my first spot to look!

so, happy father's day to jamil!!!
he really doesn't ask for much!!!

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