a night owl...

everyone is in bed, they have been there for hours.
yet, i find myself awake.
the hours go by so quick and before i know it, it is after midnight.

there is just something about the stillness of the night time that i love. i have found myself staying up later and later. these days, i can't get to bed much before midnight. i guess you could say i am becoming a night owl. i cherish the quiet time. everyone is asleep and i can think. i can read. i can write. i can do whatever i want to. uninterrupted.

there have been many nights where i regret staying up so late because the morning has come too quickly. or because a nursing baby wakes me.

so, what about you, are you a night owl too? or do you go to bed early and wake up early?


Terri said...

I am NOT productive at night! I have a sweet friend who was a prolific scrapbooker because she would do it all after her house was asleep. That is not me! I would love to be in bed by 9:30... or earlier! I also like to be up early... before everyone else Unfortunately, my husband doesn't get home until about that time, so these days it is closer to 11 by the time I get to bed. yawn. yawn. yawn. In addition, I am a chronic insomniac... either unable to fall asleep or I wake up at 1 or 2 and can't go back to sleep. SO frustrating! And so unproductive. Last week was one of those weeks for me-- no sleep and migraines all week. But, praise the Lord, I have had two nights of good sleep in a row. I will pray your late night quiet time is productive for you! Blessings!

Melanie said...

Oh my, me toooooo! I am a confirmed night owl...have been forever...trying to reform! But I totally agree, there is something so nice about the still, quiet house & the UNINTERRUPTED time! But I often find myself up until 2am, so I am trying to get in bed at least by midnight these days...that is actually early for me! And yes, it seems when I get in bed I've hardly blinked & it is morning again...I'm so NOT a morning person!

Jenny said...

I am such a morning person! I like to be in bed early. I enjoy the few sweet moments of quiet in my house BEFORE every one gets up and gets going! I so...wish I liked to stay up late, but it's not for me. 9:00pm I hear my bed calling!