thou shall do the dance...

our bedtime routine consists of baths (most nights, not all), pj's, brushing teeth, storytime and then jamil and i take turns tucking in both rooms of kid's. jamil will usually ask them to recite several bible verses that they have all learned. it is sooo cute to hear jesiah recite the verses in his little voice. next time you see him, you have to hear it for yourself!! anyway, jamil will also teach them new verses or different things about the bible. he recently has been teaching them about the ten commandments. they can each name several of the ten commandments. jamil asked jesiah which of the ten commandments was the most important. jesiah replied in his sweet voice, "thou shall do the dance."

where did he get this from?? well, a few months ago, we rented evan almighty (if you don't remember the movie or the part with the dance, click here.) and my kids loved the movie - they especially like the song and the ending with c&c music factory's, everybody dance now. and in the movie they proclaim "thou shall do the dance" as the 11th commandment.

jamil really wanted jesiah to say the most important commandment was to love the lord and put no other god before Him. well, in a three year old's mind "doing the dance" must have really stuck! and that is his most important commandment. he says the cutest things ever!!!

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