completely random but...

my friend heather tagged me to do a post with 15 random things about myself. and at the bottom i will tag some more friends to join in on the fun!!! so here goes...

1. two years ago i was in nursing school and would be finishing this spring IF i wouldn't have put my family first. can i exchange my teaching degree for a nursing degree???

2. i love everything about being pregnant, the labor, the delivery, and the babies!! i love to encourage new moms during this miraculous time!

3. i am not a morning person at all. it takes me awhile to get moving.

4. i bite my fingernails when i am in deep thought, trying to figure something out or just plain stressed out.

5. i love routines, schedules and lists. i am a very organized person. probably too much sometimes. and it stresses me when i can't find something b/c it should be in it's home!

6. i don't like cold weather. enough said.

7. if i were to take a trip anywhere it wouldn't be somewhere with a schedule or touring, like going anywhere in europe or overseas is not appealing to me right now. i would choose to go to hawaii or to a beach where i can just sit and do nothing. the only exception would be a trip to disney world with the kids.

8. my parents, my sister, my mother in law, my sister and brother in law and our family all live on the same street - they are my neighbors!

9. it has been 16 weeks since i have had my hair cut!! christy - help please!!!!

10. i have had all four of my babies naturally and with no drugs.

11. i might appear to have it all together but i do not - (despite my love of organization) and will be the first to admit it.

12. i have only been in the hospital during labor and delivery. i have been very lucky to not ever have surgery, broken bones or any kind of illness that would require a hospital stay. praise God!

13. when i grow up i want to be a midwife. if i don't do that i may end up with 18 kids. watch out duggar family

14. i would prefer to wear flip flops - i hate wearing closed toe shoes and hate wearing socks. when i have to wear closed toe shoes - if i am not wearing an expensive shoe like a birkenstock or something my feet really hurt.

15. at home i prefer to drink my coke or water out of those sturdy plastic cups (like from target) with lots of ice and a straw. i don't like drinking from a glass.

ok who wants to be next to reveal some random facts?? how about christy, stephanie, kate, beth & susan!

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Christy said...

I like that one... now, I have done this before.. but with only 5 random things... 15... it's gonna take me a while to come up with these... maybe it will be my next post... I am starting to think about it right now as I am typing!
Great seeing you yesterday!
let's get together.. for REAL!
Let me know what works with you for a cut... we can always make that our hang out day... and just extend the time!
Talk to ya soon