happy snow day!!!!

i woke up with the baby at 4:15 this morning (she has a little cold and didn't sleep as late) and saw the snow. thankfully, she went right back to sleep. then i woke up at 6:30 this morning to check the school closings and the kids' school is closed for the day. of course the boys were already up and excited for the snow. jamil had to go into work so i am at home with the kids attempting to keep them busy today.

at about 8:30 i started getting them ready to go outside. it took 45 minutes to get them bundled up in layers of clothes. check out their cool snow boots! yes, here in the south we don't buy snow boots for one day of snow - instead i cover their shoes with plastic bags!

they played outside throwing snow and making snow angels and then they ventured down to my parent's house. they played outside with my mom and sister. and then they all came inside. i think they played outside for about 20 minutes. but it is really cold out there i don't blame them for coming in to our warm house. it is about 26 degrees outside. i made them some hot chocolate with whipped cream. i wonder if they will want to venture outside again! i know i do not want to go out!

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Christy said...

we had fun in the snow today also. I want to say that Zach and Lilly were out there for all of 30 minutes... but Eli stayed outside from 8:30- 11:30... we had fun with some kids down the street and went sleigh riding.

I hope that your little girl sleeps tonight for you. I know what it's like when your little one is sick and up all hours... not fun for mommy! Hope you are able to get some sleep as well. :)