highlights of '08...

2008 was a great year. sometimes i can't imagine how it will be any better. seriously, we added a beautiful daughter to our family, we watched our son be baptized, we paid off a ton of debt, and we were part of the awesome movement of God at elevation church. what could be better than all of that??

i am so grateful for such a wonderful year of so many sweet memories. on new year's day, i spent a few minutes reflecting and writing in my journal a list of highlights of the past year. here is a list of some of my highlights of 2008.

~ finding out we were pregnant with baby #4
~ joshua's salvation and baptism
~ my sister, julie, moving here
~ finding out our dear friends, the carr's, were adopting twin girls
~ holding merideth and mallory carr for the first time (they were about 3 lbs ea.)
~ finding out we were having a healthy baby girl
~ our family beach trip to carolina beach
~ jordyn starts school
~ girlfriend's beach trip to carolina beach
~ my baby shower
~ jaelyn's birth day
~ receiving 2 large monetary blessings to be able to pay off a lot of debt
~ the events and circumstances surrounding the monetary blessings
~ stepping out on faith and giving to elevation and to the dominate campaign
~ discovering the true joy of giving
~ serving and being a part of elevation church, witnessing over 2,000 salvations and over 1,000 baptisms

wow, again, what a year it has been. i feel so blessed by all the things God has done for our family in 2008. i am ready to see how He will blow our mind in 2009!

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