a little competition...

well i thought that this blogging thing was off to a good start in this new year. but now the time it takes to write a blog has some competition. last week, we got cable television. probably not a big thing around most people's houses but it is HUGE at ours.

about seven years ago, we cancelled our cable television and never had it turned back on until last week. we were cutting back on expenses then so that we could swing the one income family thing. every dime counts. honestly for a long time we rarely turned the tv on and hardly missed tv. with the new television transition coming up in a few weeks, we faced a dilemna! we tried the convereter box and it didn't work so well. so then we began to research cable and satellite television. we got a great deal at time warner, bundling our internet and cable tv. so last week we began being able to watch more than 5 channels! wooohooo!!!

how much fun have i been having watching tv??? way too much!! i realized the other day that i have barely been on the computer because i have been watching tv. so my blogging now competes with cable tv. and no we do not have dvr (YET!)

here is what i have been watching regularly....
~ jon & kate plus 8
~ the baby story
~ maternity ward
~ clean sweep
~ birth day
~ baby diaries

of course i have been watching my other faves like...
~ grey's anatomy
~ private practice

and i can not wait for LOST next week and House!

we tried to watch the unit and 24 this week also, so far i think i am too far behind to catch up.

i really liked october road, but i don't think that is coming back on. so sad.

what are some of your favorite tv shows???


Susan said...

DVR is the only way to watch TV...we rarely ever watch a show "live"...love to fast forward through those commercials...i couldn't get in to 24 either, but todd loves it. my favorites are cold case, ncis, criminal minds, csi (see a pattern here) and lost...can't wait for the season premiere.

Daniel and Candice: TBM Photography said...

here goes:
grey's anatomy
ghost whisperer
ace of cakes
american idol

(i'm ashamed of myself! :)

Christy said...

wow, that's a lot of tv watching! ha, we try not to put the tv on too much ourselves... Scott and I watch House regularly, and we also watch American Idol, now that it's on. Every once in a while scott and I will watch biggest loser... that is an awesome and very inspiring show to watch.

Christy said...

we watch House and American Idol. Every once in a while we will watch biggest loser. YOu have to see that one. it's inspiring and great to see so many people losing weight.

Het said...

Love the new look on your blog! and new name too?

Stephanie said...

My TV list would be WAY too long. I blogged about it one time... http://stephaniebecauseoflove.blogspot.com/2008/09/tv-time.html