off to a good start...

during the busy holiday season, i took a little blog break. our laptop was down and we just got really busy. jamil was off of work from christmas eve through this past monday. the kids also went back to school on monday after a two week break. we had a wonderful break together. we really enjoyed this christmas! the kids loved all of their gifts and have been having so much fun with all their stuff! f

or christmas we got a new laptop, it came this week. i have been enjoying being back online. i am so excited to be able to start blogging again. i spent some time this morning loading all of my pictures on the new laptop. and the other day i did a little blog makeover. as you can see, i added some new pictures and changed the title of our blog. so welcome to "more than we can imagine"!! of course i still will use "my j crew" for things and it is still our url name. but one night, that title came to me and i love it. it comes right from ephesians 3:20 which just sums up how i feel about everything right now! God sure does bless us with so much more than we can ask or imagine. and as we are entering into the new year, i know that He will show us even more than we can imagine!!

so, i this year and this blog is off to a good start!

here are a few pictures from the last few weeks during our break...

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Christy said...

very cute. we too enjoyed the break. the first day Eli was back at school we all missed him, lilly kept asking "go get eli?" it was so cute.

glad your break was great as well. I tellin' ya... soon and very soon we need to get together!

God Bless,