menu plan monday...

ok, here is what is on our dinner menu for the week...

monday: spaghetti & meatballs & caesar salad
tuesday: chicken & dumplings in the crockpot & fruit
wednesday: scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns & blueberry muffins
thursday: beef tacos
friday: baked potatoe soup, rolls & fruit
saturday: chili & cornbread
sunday: chicken noodle soup

what's on your plate this week?


Susan said...

okay, so funny that my menu for this week has ravioli lasagna for tonight and baked potato soup for friday night....hmmm

Christy said...

can you send me the chix and dumplings recipe for the crock pot? And what about the baked potato soup? MMMM... it all sounds good. Hey are you guys keeping away from all the sickness? We've been yucky here.
Hope to see you in car line...