our tiniest elevator....

jaelyn was sleeping on her daddy one day, who was wearing his elevation t shirt. and this was just too priceless not to post. and then i thought of the sweetest story to share!

when i was pregnant with jaelyn she would kick and squirm a lot during certain times of the day especially when she heard certain voices or noises. i think all babies do this. one sunday i began to notice a pattern. after being still, (probably asleep), most of the morning while i raced to get everyone ready and to church, jaelyn would wake up and move when she heard pastor steven's voice. on the sundays when we had a guest pastor or another pastor speak she didn't wake up and move. i began to realize that she totally was recognizing pastor's voice.

i actually was in the beginning stages of labor and we were at a praise and worship event for volunteers. jaelyn moved around that night as she heard his voice. and then just about 24 hours later she was born!

when jaelyn was just a month old we went to a praise and worship night at the new elevation campus opening this fall. i wore jaelyn in my baby sling and sat on the front row, which is where i usually sit during a service with jamil. jaelyn was sound asleep at the beginning of the night. when pastor got up and started singing, which is such a treat for us elevators, jaelyn started squirming and moving in the sling, just like she did when she was in my belly. as pastor sang and as he spoke she began to wake up.

i always thought it was amazing that she recognized pastor steven's voice in the way that she did. squirming in my belly during my pregnancy and then moving and waking up when she was out of my belly too!

what a smart baby to already know what an amazing man of God our pastor is.

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Stephanie said...

I know I told you this before, but Alyse did the same thing. She would go crazy inside of me during services. At first I thought it was just the excitement of the service and loud noises because I too, as you know, always sit upfront.

Then I noticed that even if I was in the car listening to "Everlasting" (which was the only CD that was out at the time I was still pregnant) she would do the same thing.

Even now when ever she hears Pastor's voice on cd or in person, she smiles. The other night I was holding her and he came up and gave me a hug. She leaned towards him and he said "Hi Alyse" and kissed her on the check. She had this HUGE smile on her face. It was precious.