saturday shopping trip...

yesterday was quite a day. we woke up to frozen pipes - which meant no water. bummer. it really set back our plans for the day. jamil was heading to costco with the boys and i was going shopping for me with the girls.

while i was waiting for the water to come back on, i did my grocery order for the express lane at harris teeter. the site shut down for quite some time and then when it was time for me to checkout, i realized that you can not pick up the order on saturdays. so frustrated. i got the girls ready and then the water came back on so i could get a shower. jamil got the boys ready and they headed to costco with my dad. the boys were so excited to eat lunch at the snack bar there!

i was finished getting ready and nursing the baby when my mom and sister came over so we could head out for a day of shopping. we left our house at 2:00. we didn't get to the mall until almost 4:00. there was an accident on 85 and we sat in onlooker traffic forever. finding a parking space was ridiculous. finally we get one and get into the mall and of course everyone is starving so we eat at chili's. so we didn't begin shopping until close to 5:30. after going around the whole mall stopping in several stores, stopping to nurse the baby and then getting some cold stone ice cream we headed home at 9:30 pm. crazy long day.

this is the second or third time that i have been shopping for myself since the baby was born. and i every time i realize that i hate to shop for myself. i get so frustrated. and it is so hard to do it with kids. jordyn was sooooo good. but i get so nervous someone will snatch her up. and then pushing jaelyn in the stroller or pushing it without her is such a pain. stores are not made for strollers. and i can never find what i like - i don't even know what i like anymore. i don't have a favorite spot to shop. i desperately want to find a store that is totally me and totally on my budget.

so the shopping trip that was suppose to be for me turned into this...

~ 2 pairs of school pants, a cute pink gap coat & skechers shoes....all for jordyn
~ 2 carters outfits and.....a bib for jaelyn

and yes 1 pair of jeans from express for me (a size smaller then the last pair i bought!)

it is soooo much easier to shop for the kids or for jamil then it is for me.

after a crazy long saturday, i have one pair of jeans to wear and that is about all....

so, tell me where do you like to shop? and what do you like to wear?


Christy said...

ok... honestly... my shopping for me consists of two main stores... and every once in a while a third... the first two stores...
#1. Goodwill... the one over by carolina place has the best clothes ever... because it sits in between south park, pineville and ballantyne... so you get great clothes that have hardly been worn for an unbelievable price... and if you are going through sizes quickly post baby... you can afford to go there.
#2. Target, but even there it's hit or miss.
#3. When I can go alone, I go to Khols... they have amazing sales... and you can find just about anything there.

I gave up going to malls after I had Eli... they are just too much of a hassle for me with kids. At least that is my take on it!

have a great day with all the kids tomorrow... we almost forgot that the kids are off for MLKJ day.

Stephanie said...

Gap! That is my place.

Ohhh, Target too. (Got to look though.)

I like Forever 21 for cute tops.
Jeans - Gap or Express

sometimes you can find stuff at NY and Company.

If I had a lot of money I would shop at White House, Black Market but well, I am poor...plus I don't think Alyse really cares if I wear dressy stuff around the house all day. :)

I also do Old Navy some.

Now I want to go shopping!

Daniel and Candice: TBM Photography said...

Forever 21
The Crate

Chelsea said...

Sorry, you know I can't help you. I'm going to keep checking back to see what suggestions you get! I need to know, too! Maybe we can go together after we figure it out!

Robinsonfam said...

My entire wardrobe is Old Navy because it's the only store I can take the kids....it's so open so I don't have to worry about fitting the stroller, they always let me go in the family dressing room with TONS of clothes and they have have the quarter bouncy ball machine to use as a reward for my kids being good! Plus, they are pretty reasonable and have cute clothes....oh, and it's one stop shopping. mens, womens, kids and babies!