menu plan monday...

ok, so you may see a few recipes from last week on this week's menu. i was sick this past weekend and didn't cook a few of them, so they will carry over to this week (yeah!)...

monday: chicken & dumplings & fruit

tuesday: meatballs & potatoe casserole & green beans

wednesday: chili, macaroni & cornbread muffins

thursday: scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, muffins & oj

friday: pizza night

saturday: beef burritos, chips & salsa

sunday: leftovers & super bowl snacks (tbd)


Christy said...

ok that is so awesome.. I am excited to try the recipe! OH and soon I will be posting... acutally I think I'll try it right now. see ya

Chelsea said...

Is that my meatball and potato casserole recipe...yum...good idea. I may have to add that to my meal plan. What ever happened to that meal swapping we talked about?!

Chubbacoo said...

oh yeah...my aunt has this super awesome easy recipe...chicken thighs and a bottle of BBQ sauce in the crockpot--that's it! It's amazingly good and easy. I love my crockpot.