all dressed up but...

no where to go!
but a big reason why...
today jaelyn is seven months old!

this dress was given to me by my best friend, amy,
for my baby shower for jordyn!
jordyn wore it as a teeny baby and then
amy's twin baby girls were able to wear it last year
and now it fits sweet jaelyn!

so i thought how fitting to wear it on an occasion such as this...
seven months old.
in the life of a baby that sounds "old"
but in the scheme of things she is still so little!

jaelyn continues to be such a happy and such a sweet baby.
she brings so much joy to me and to our family.
it is crazy to think that a year ago,
i was still pregnant with this little blessing and
we hadn't even found out if i was having a boy or a girl!
now just look at her!

it is so hard to believe that she is seven months old already.
i could just cry because the time is going so fast.
and she is getting so big.
but that is a good thing too.

jaelyn is very healthy and doing all kinds of "firsts".
i am so blessed to have her and i feel especially
blessed to have such a healthy little girl.

God has been so good to us and i do not take for granted
this sweet baby He has blessed us with.

she is doing all kinds of things these days,
for an update on jaelyn please visit her blog!!

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