bible study...

part of our evening/bedtime routine is attempting to do "bible study" as a family.
sometimes it is very tricky to get everyone settled down and ready to read.
but when we do, it is a sweet time.

here, everyone was ready to go and each had their bible.
i had mine too, although i put it down to take this photo!
see it is there in the vera bradley (mod pink) bible cover!

believe me when i say it is not always this picture perfect,
but here this one night it worked out well!!


Kelly said...

Cute picture!
We are going to wait. We found out with the first two and now this one will be a surprise! :)

Jenny said...

What a sweet picture! I'd love to know if you are using a certain family devotional, or just reading through the Bible?

Have a great day!

Becki Francy said...

Ok - as a mom, could there be anything sweeter than seeing your children sitting together reading the word of God? Seriously - how do you not cry looking at that?

Robin said...

that's a great idea and it's a precious picture