cloth diapering part 2...

during the weekend of testing out the 5 bum genius diapers from my friend beth, i started figuring out when, where and how we would invest in our own collection of diapers. i found a local business that sells them!! so i thought that would be a great way to start. i contacted baby booty wear. i was able to speak with the business owner, laura. she is awesome and so helpful!! she was out of the bum genius diapers but was getting a shipment soon. she suggested that i try another brand while i wait for the bum genius to come in.

i had figured out that buying 12 diapers would be a great start. i think 18 would be ideal. but after looking at our budget we could do 12 plus some supplies (wet bag, laundry bag & special detergent). what a blessing that we were able to do this!! God always supplies our needs!!

so, i did some more research and with laura's suggestion, i decided to try the happy heiny's cloth diapers, they have more colors and are rated pretty close to the bum genius. so i ordered 6 happy heiny's and 6 bum genius from laura. i was able to get the 6 happy heiny's right away and was waiting on the 6 bum genius.

at first, i was frustrated with the happy heiny's they were leaking. but then after talking with laura, i just needed to figure out what would work best for jaelyn. i had to get a good fit on her and use a second insert. once i figured out what worked best for her - i really like them!

then a few days later my 6 bum genius came in!! yeah!!! now i have 12 diapers to make this cloth diapering really work.

in the midst of getting my diapers, i did have to do a lot of research on caring for the diapers. apparently, if you use the wrong kind of detergent it can create a build up on the diapers and they do not absorb as well. there is all kinds of stuff on the internet about caring for the diapers. and i found a lot of mixed opinions on what works and what doesn't for different people.

i decided to use the country save powder detergent on our diapers. it was recommended by laura and several other sites recommend it too. it is inexpensive. and it is free from all of the stuff that could leave build up. i did find that you can remove that build up by using original dawn liquid dish soap in your wash load.

it makes me laugh to think that at one time, i seriously said i would never ever do this and thought it wouldn't work for us. and now i can not believe how much i love it. i seriously could talk about cloth diapering all day. sharing birth stories and talking about cloth diapers, it can't get any better than that, can it?

i have found that jaelyn wearing cloth diapers attracts many people's curiosity!! i have been able to share my passion a few times already in just the two weeks that we have been wearing them. on sunday, when i picked jaelyn up from our church nursery, i was able to talk to a few of our fabulous volunteers about our adventure. it excites me to be able to share this with other moms. one of our volunteers doesn't have a baby yet. her and her hubby are in the planning stages and the fact that the cloth diapers can save money is exciting to them! as it is to us, it is weird not to have to buy another pack of diapers!! although, i am going to try to build up to 18 diapers over the next few months. but after that, the cost is next to none!!

i plan to post more about our adventure. i have barely touched on the actual products i chose and why i chose them. something that i think would be helpful to others that may be considering making a switch or starting with their newborn. i know it was so helpful to me to be able to read other blogs and websites. there is a ton of information out there. it is amazing.

oh and jaelyn's bottom is completely healed, it is back to normal!!! although, there are a few marks, almost like scars to wear the skin was peeling. hopefully in time that will go away too!

please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or want to know more!

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