ok, first let me say, thank you thank you to those who left a comment on my last post giving me some ideas of what to write about! i am not posting the comments, so that i can save the ideas for some fun new posts!!!

next, even though i have over 10 posts in draft form, i am taking a little blog break. {sigh} {sob}

it isn't for my lack of words or ideas, in fact i have lots of them now. i am taking a break from blogging and reading blogs for awhile and this is why. it has come to my attention that my time on the computer has become a little much. hmmm... perhaps obsessive.

i can get overly obesessed with blog reading and writing, facebook and twitter, plus "screen shopping" and researching everything under the sun. we live in such a high tech world that everything is at our fingertips, which is awesome. but when it is consuming too much time, it isn't so awesome. it is becoming a distraction from the things that matter more!

i am taking a break so that i can establish some priorities back in my life.

my life is also full of other distractions right now too:

like looking for my daughter's school shoes this morning for almost an hour. we still have not found them.

and uh, yeah, having a dead cell phone battery last night when i really, really needed my phone.
.....and this is the second time that has happened within a week. (btw, i got a new phone after the first one died - long story for another post!)

not to mention it seems as if something has invaded my house and taken over my big kids, they are out of sorts and really off their routine. they are tired of homework and tired of school right now. they argue a lot and like to resist authority.

speaking of house invasion, it looks like a tornado has gone through my house, everything is out of place and the laundry has taken over. there are projects started and not completed.

seriously, these are just a few of the things that have me so distracted. throughout most every day lately, something little will cause an unforeseen distraction.

i don't deal well with this and you know what....

satan knows that! God is moving big time in our family right now. we are making big decisions and taking huge steps toward Him in so many areas. satan knows that and he is trying to throw us off course. he will not win. God will reign over all.

in order for me to focus on God's will, i am removing the distractions from my life and ignoring the ones i can not control.

so for right now, i am taking a little break from my blog. i will miss it and miss reading yours, but i will be back soon. i just need a few days to reprioritize my life for Him!

in the meantime, please be in prayer for our family and for all the things that God has been revealing to us. please pray that satan will remove his grip from us, and allow us to keep in the forefront of our minds that God's grip is tighter. and that we will carry out His will. thank you so much for your prayers!

But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

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Tonia said...

Thank you for this post, Dawn. I appreciate being reminded that I am not alone in my moments of distraction. Being a mom is such a joy in juggling, isn't it? It helps me to try to remember to focus on the "important and urgent" things first. And that your children will remember you for the time you spend with them - not for having a perfectly clean house. So the tornado can wait. :) You're an awesome mom and I'm glad to know you and your family!!! And thanks for your loving support of the girls at Safe Journey!!!