a new job...

(this post wasn't suppose to be here today, after a mistake on my end realizing those with google reader and probably bloglines could read it and some errors on blogger's end, it went up anyway, so i am going to keep it up, even though it is two long posts in one day!)

a few weeks ago, i applied for a job.

the person i applied to, who ultimately is in charge, my boss, thinks i am a perfect candidate for the job. after several interviews, basically led by me, he doesn't see how i could say no.

even the person i would work the closest with, next to my boss, thinks it is a perfect fit. and we would work great as a team. we already have.

me, not so sure. i feel inadequate. i feel unqualified. i am consumed with fear.


the job description is ideal, i would be using a lot of skills i already have and i would be learning a lot of new ones. especially when it comes to patience and relationship building.

i have plenty of experience for this position. that is a given. i have a degree in this field, although it is not necessary to have one at all. a lot of love, dedication and commitment can take you far in this line of work.

i can not complain about the location, it is oh, so convenient. i could reach my destination in a few minutes while drinking a much needed cup of coffee.

the hours will be long and hard at time, but very rewarding. although, i must say, our schedule would actually be so much better than it is now.

the salary, to most, would be undesirable, to me it is not a raise or a pay cut, it is what i am used to making.

the benefits are, well, honestly there are so many, i can think of one it will not have, it is all there, unless my selfish nature takes over and i choose not to see them for what they are worth.

the reason for me taking the job is so important, their are little lives and little souls at stake.

so really, how could i turn this opportunity down?

i won't turn it down, i won't let fear push me to say no.

with all that said, i am so excited and a little nervous to announce...i am taking this new job.

wanna take a guess what it is??


Julesmcg said...

I know, I know!! And you are wrong about one thing - the pay is better. It is not monetary, but the rewards of seeing your children make the connections of learning, watching the lightbulb go on over their heads when they get that concept that has been illusive for so long, watching them make incredible strides in their relationship with Christ, because you have had the opportunity to impress upon their hearts as they are sitting, walking, lying down and getting up. Congratulations on your new job, Dawn.

Christy said...

Is it a job as a childrens director?

Teri said...

So creatively written, Dawn! And every last word is so true. I think it's great that you're going into it prepared for the ups and downs! You're going to do GREAT! BTW - I know the occupation - but if I didn't...your blog label would give it away! Love you!

Tracy Z. said...

There is a pretty blatant clue on your page! :o) God bless you, girl - you're well beyond me in your unselfishness!

Lindsey Gallagher said...

Is somebody going to be working for Elevation soon? :)

Christy said...

wow... so it's homeschooling???? Girl are you doing it for all your children? Are Josh and Jordyn being pulled out of UA?

farmersdaughter4ever said...

hmmm...wonder what you could be talking about? I loved your thoughts on homeschooling! There, I'm the first to say it! lol! Although like Tracy said, there is a BIG clue on your page! lol :) I understand your fears, as that is exactly how I feel too! It's going to be great, I do know that...from being a "homeschooled kid" myself...but as a mom, it' a little scary right now!...I know once it's all is started up and the "unknown' part is over w/...it's going to be great!

4torock said...

I think I know too!!!! U are truly going to LOVE your new job and while some days may be hard.... Julie said it best-- I too believe its the best reward I have ever been given as a momma!! Now lets start planning some things to do together for fall!! Can u tell I am trying to get the most out of the next 3 1/3 weeks?? lol much luv